Excellent Customer Service Evaluation Form

“Our son, Shanjan, joined IDF in a training capacity in January 2013 when he was 7 years old, and full time with the program in the Fall of that year. What drew us to IDF was the level of coaching and intensity of the training sessions. We took a chance with the fledgling program and just like any other “start-ups”, there had been some growing pains initially, but we feel that he has benefited tremendously from the environment that IDF has developed and continues to foster.

There were intangibles that IDF offered that were not immediately apparent to us. The boys are a tight knit group who treat their coaches, teammates, opponents and game officials with respect. Emphasis is placed on holistic development of the boys and hence success academically is also expected. The coaches mention the importance of education along with soccer.

The continuity in coaching is an important factor in player development. Shanjan in the past three years has flourished in a system which is built to translate to success no matter where he plays in the future. The stress on the fundamentals of soccer are paramount in developing strong habits and character development that will serve him well no matter where and how far soccer takes him.

The program is intense and rigorous. The emphasis placed on fitness, nutrition and hydration is just as important as how well a player performs on the training pitch or the game field. It brings out the best in the players and it shows on the field. Anyone willing to work hard and put in the effort is rewarded in kind and the results show with the program being one of the premier units in the region if not the country. We also appreciate the care and love shown by the trainers including at times when a player may get hurt or may not be feeling well.

IDF has created avenues whereby players can potentially play above their age-group if they deem that he has the ability to do so. They eventually may get exposure to international soccer by travelling to Europe and playing with their local teams.

We feel that IDF has given Shanjan a great platform to develop his talents and will be fundamental in his development as a football player and person. We would recommend the program to any parent looking for a solid soccer foundation for their child through exceptional coaching and training.”

-Shantonu and Sugata Mazumdar. (January 2016)

“We heard about IDF from a parent of one of Nate’s teammates about a year ago. Their son was participating in weekly training session with the organization on Friday evenings and had good things to say about it. We went to observe a session that same week and it was immediately apparent that IDF’s approach was very different. They’re training emphasized passing, quick decision making and tactical play in far greater depth than any we had previously encountered. We signed up for the remainder of the weekly sessions and in the end, decided to sign with the club. It’s important to note that although we had some reservations, this was Nate’s decision; he had no desire to try out anywhere else.
The organization is close knit and the coaches work the boys hard, using a variety of training styles and techniques to ensure they are constantly developing and advancing their abilities. They emphasize a healthy approach, incorporating hydration, nutrition and rest as important aspects of the game. They treat the boys with respect and expect the same in return. The coaches frequently point out to the kids that they, not their parents, are ultimately responsible for showing up prepared, on time and for keeping track of their gear.  Their emphasis on personal responsibility has been very refreshing and helpful away from the field.”

–Alicia Tatro

“My son got the opportunity to join the team this spring on a soccer tour of England. The trip arranged for our club to train with coaches from the academies of several professional teams in Manchester, Norwich, and Peterborough. They even got to sit down with legendary midfielder Patrick Vieira in Manchester City Academy facilities to talk football for about an hour. But the biggest thrill was the chance to play the academy development teams. The boys played extremely well and several parents of academy players made at point to come over and tell us how impressed they were. One quote that has stuck with me was “Your lads play football the way it was meant to be played”. The hard work that they had done over the past year truly showed during the tour. The kids had a great time and the experience emphasized that fact they had come far but would need to work even harder to sustain the level of play needed to compete at the highest levels.
My wife and I have been thrilled with the advances our son and his teammates have made this past year. The training provides ongoing challenges for the boys, which they typically rise to meet, and often exceed, due to high expectations and encouragement. I highly recommend the IDF organization for those looking to maximize player development though high goals and excellent training.”

–Dean Russell