IDF NextGen24 Program

Inter Development Fútbol (IDF) is pleased to continue the NextGen24 project. The objective of this program is to provide boys and girls (6-9 years old) with a comprehensive soccer education in a professional training environment, to educate and to develop them to their full potential.
This new program will expose the youngsters in the RTP and surrounding areas to professional training environment twice per week at our IDF training facilities.  NextGen24 players with have full access to and interaction with knowledgeable, experienced and nurturing IDF coaches.

IDF’s NextGen24 program will seek to enhance the young player’s agility, balance, coordination and most importantly, Technical ability. This comprehensive program will give these players an early opportunity to acquire technical skill sets necessary to compete at the national and international level if they desire. Our older players (U14-U16) have demonstrated the value and success of our training environment through their ability to compete successfully both in England and Italy.

The IDF NextGen24 program will be:
Program Duration: 10 Months (August to June)
Practice Day(s): Twice Per week (Currently Tuesday  and Saturdays)
Practice Time/Duration: 1 – 1 1/2 Hr.
Practice Location: IDF Training Fields in Cary

Program Cost:
Quality Practice  and Warm Up Kits: – $125.00 (Includes IDF Logo)
– 1 Jersey (Not T-Shirts), 1 Pair of Shorts and 1 Pair of Socks, Sweatshirt and Sweatpants for colder months
Annual Membership Fee: $250.00.
– Weekly Field Rental
– Administration
– Support Staff & Material
– Guest Coach(s)
– US Club Registration
– Access to Teamsnap
Equipment Fee: $60.00 (Due upon Registration)
– Balls, Pennies/Bibs, Cones, Poles, Hurdles, Ladders, Goals, etc
Monthly Training Fees: $100.00 (Due by the 15th of each month)
– Full Time and Consistent Knowledgeable, Experienced & Nurturing Coaching Staff