img_5827_c1André Fortune

Technical Director & Head Coach
USSF licensed coach with a lifetime of experience both as a player and a coach.




img_5825_c2Bakela Nare
Director of Operations and Assistant Coach
USSF licensed coach with extensive experience in training, coaching and managing teams since 1998.



Wilson Chineyn
Club Coach
Coach Will is a native of Zimbabwe and brings a wealth of playing experience. Before playing at Oklahoma Christian University here in the United States, where he was a four-year varsity athlete, he was captain of the Provincial U17 team in Zimbabwe’s Coca Cola sponsored high school soccer. Coach Will was also a part of Zimbabwe’s premier league club Darryn Tornadoes FC.
Coach Wilson has been in the RTP area for a while and being quite familiar with the culture of other clubs, Coach Wilson has decided that the culture and level of coaching at IDF makes it the best environment for him to continue developing as a coach. He believes in the philosophies and player development culture within IDF and is as excited to join us.
His favorite football team unfortunately is Manchester United FC of England.